I wish to endorse the work of Richard Yim and his colleagues in developing an innovative, new technique for de-mining anti-personnel landmine. This has the possibility of being a breakthrough technology...
— Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, Former Foriegn Affairs Minister of Canada
The technology currently being developed by Richard Yim and his colleagues shows interesting potential for making the complex process of landmines safer and more efficient.
— Paul Hannon, Executive Director of Mine Action Canada
[Demine Robotics] are very well-positioned to play a role in global peacebuilding initiatives...
— Cesar Jaramillo, Executive Director of Project Ploughshares
We are excited about the possibilities that this could lead to removing landmines and the improvement it could bring to many people around the world.
— Chris Snyder, Former Chair of Canadian Landmine Foundation
the invention will improve and save the lives of people in cambodia and around the world by making it safer for them to work and create a secure livelihood.
— Bunleng Men, Trade Commissioner Service from Government of Canada
I wish to voice my full support and welcome to your initiatives and efforts to help develop/update demining technologies which can assist us in our operations...
— H.E. Oum Phumro, Deputy Director General of Cambodian Mine Action Center